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L16068: 10" x 26" Stainless Steel Donut Basket

Made just for CMLs

Chromed steel baskets are not food safe. The FDA does not approve any type of plating for food contact. All platings will eventually fail. Baskets made from stainless steel are the right choice. Don't risk exposing your customers to rust or flaked off chrome. 

Not only are stainless steel baskets food safe, but they will also continue to look good in the store displays for their entire service life. Don't let your customers see rusty baskets. 

Lanco pays attention to details

At Lanco we strive to do things better by paying attention to the details. Our baskets have closed corners for added strength and better product containment. The corners are closed by a full-parameter wire that is woven at the corners. 

The baskets are constructed from T304 stainless steel and made to surgical basket standards. No sharp edges, no plating, and built to last. 

10" x 26" Stainless Steel Basket

Are you using chrome plated baskets in you production and/or delivery stream? A chrome plated basket is not food safe. Lanco offers an all stainless steel baskets specifically for CMLs. 

Lanco's 10" x 26" baskets are constructed of T304 stainless steel and manufactured to surgical basket quality standards. Don't risk your customer's and your company's health with chromed baskets.

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