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Glazing Products

Adjustable Glaze Remover

It's very difficult to adjust your glaze waterfall just right. Over-glazing not only makes bad product; it's also hard on your conveyor and causes excessive cleanup costs. 

Lanco's adjustable glaze remover is the solution. Our glaze remover uses precisely adjustable compressed air to remove just the right amount of glaze. Never worry about over-glazing again. 

[p/n: L14015]

Stainless Steel Tote Discharge Fitting

Are your OEM tote discharge fittings constantly failing? Tired of cracking rings? Plastic degrading from repeated wash cycles?  Broken fittings from mishandling? The OEM is no longer the only choice. 

Lanco's stainless steel discharge fittings solve these problems. Our precision CNC machined T304 stainless steel dischareg fittings are far superior to the OEM plastic fittings. No more broken rings. No more degadation from washing. No more cracked parts. These will be the last discharge fittings you'll ever need to buy. 

Made in the U.S.A.    [p/n: L17009


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