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L18032: Timber Twister

Twist boards apart

For the times when twisting is better than prying; use Lanco's Timber Twister. Our long handle and strong welded steel tool will help you rip those boards apart with ease. Joists and studs are no match for this tool. 

Twist boards into position

Do you have a joist or stud that is twisted and making it difficult to properly nail or screw in position? Lanco's Timber Twister can easily twist that board into position while it's gets nailed in place. 

Timber Twister Tool

Lanco's Timber Twister is strong enough to rip a box joist right off and accurate enough to twist a 2x12 for nailing. Makes quick work of wall studs or other demolition work were a twisting motion is desired. Strong welded steel construction.  

Made in the U.S.A.

Weight: 5

P/N: L18032

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