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#L15047 Billet Stainless Steel Depositor Cylinder

2" Billet Stainless Steel Depositor Cylinder 

OEM depositor cylinders are a two-piece assembly consisting of an aluminum housing and stainless steel bore. These cylinders are fragile. A dropped OEM cylinder is a damaged cylinder. The aluminum becomes pitted and scarred making it hard to clean. Sharp edges develop on the aluminum cutting hands and gloves. Repeated washing cycles crack the aluminum from thermal expansion.

Lanco Precision cylinders fix all of these problems. Our cylinders are precision CNC machined from a single piece high quality domestic T304 stainless steel. No aluminum to become damaged. No cracking. No sharp edges. No wear. You will never have to replace another cylinder from damage when you switch to Lanco. 


Made in the U.S.A.    [p/n: L15047]

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