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L15042: One-Piece Fryer Screen Handle

Finally, a truly food safe fryer hook.

Lanco's innovative one-piece stainless steel fryer screen hooks are a truly food safe alternative to wire fabricated hooks. We engineered our hooks from the start to eliminate all of the sort coming of conventional hooks. Our patented design is engineered to take the abuse of high volume kitchens. Lanco's hook is the last one you'll ever buy. 

Fryer Screen Handles

Don't trust your food safety to a formed and welded carbon steel fryer screen handle. Typical handles are not food safe. They are constructed of plated carbon steel. They have welds with harborage points, and are impossible to properly clean. Their thin handles are difficult to hold and easy to drop. 

Lanco's patented handles fix these problems. Our handles are constructed from a single piece of T304 stanless steel. No welds to break or harbor debris. No tight areas that are difficult to clean. Our handle is ergonomically designed and has a baseball bat type end.

Made in the U.S.A.    [p/n: L15042]

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