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CML Bakery Products

Engineering, Prototyping, and Manufacturing Services

Lanco Precision LLC is not just into donuts. We're your one stop shop for bringing your product idea to life. We have developed and launched thousands of products over many industries. We pride ourselves on helping you achieve your goals of product innovation and process improvement. Let us help you achieve those goals. CONTACT LANCO PRECISION TODAY.  

Job Specific Tooling

The right tool can make all the difference in making a job efficient. How many times have you said "they should make a tool that does..."? Let Lanco Precision design, engineer, and build you that tool. Custom tooling is not out of reach. Our clients often experaince full R.O.I. very quickly.


Do you have a product idea that needs some engineering? Or maybe a problem that needs an engineered solution? Lanco Precision can handle that. We can bring your vision to life. Not only can we provide the engineering; but we can also manufacture the solution.

Prototype and Production

Have you ever tried having a machine shop make a single or hand full of prototypes? That's traditionally very expensive and difficult to get accomplished. Not with Lanco Precision. We pride ourselves on making it easy for you to get 1, 10, or 10,000 parts made. 

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Lanco Precision LLC

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